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Patient information

Welcome to the Montreal Neurofeedback Center
As professionals in the field, we have found neurofeedback to be a highly effective approach to treating a variety of conditions that our patients present with, both young and old, using comprehensive state of the art neurofeedback protocols.
Our professionals regularly receive continuing education on the most effective and rapid methods available to date.
Our Mission is to provide quality treatment in a caring manner from a scientific perspective and offer comprehensive treatment to meet the individual needs of our patients .
Information contained on this website is intended for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis. We do not intend nor should we be taken as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional..
Marcel Mazaltarim M.Sc
Managing Director

Office Policies

The Montreal Neurofeedback Center strives to ensure positive experiences and outcomes for all.
We have developed the office policies outlined below:

Scheduling Appointments
At the Montreal Neurofeedback Center, you can schedule appointments either while you are on the premises or by phone.
We do not schedule appointments via e-mail.

Missed Appointments
The Montreal Neurofeedback Center requires 24 full hours notice (and no less) of cancellation for a pre-scheduled appointment. Our policy is to charge half of the cost of the visit directly to you, and you remain responsible for all fees incurred. All cancellations must be done by phone or in person.
We do not accept cancellation via e-mail.

Late Arrival
Arrival 15 or more minutes past the scheduled time of your appointment may result in a cancellation at our discretion if we feel the tardiness will be an imposition on other clients who have pre-scheduled appointments.

Office Procedures
Please do not arrive earlier than ten minutes before your appointment. Please understand that after the first training session no other family members except the client will be allowed to remain in training rooms during training unless by special arrangement. Parents/Guardians are required to remain on the premises and in the waiting area during the appointment.

Medications and Other Therapies
The Montreal Neurofeedback Center does not prescribe medications, but our licensed clinician may monitor responses and sometimes suggest your provider/prescribing physician make changes in medication. You should not stop taking or otherwise alter intake of medications without consulting your physician/psychiatrist, and should not stop other ongoing therapies until advised by your physician or care provider..

Client Participation
The Montreal Neurofeedback Center expects your commitment to the process in order to ensure optimum training results. We expect and require you to monitor and report all subjective results experienced or observed during and between sessions to your trainer so that they may accurately assess your relaxation response. Please understand that insufficient reporting and monitoring may compromise optimum results.

Confidential Disclosure
It is in your best interest to be fully forthcoming about your confidential history, including additional therapies you are undergoing, any illicit substance or alcohol use (prior or present), any seizures, medical or known mental health impairment, any other behavioral disorders of which you are currently aware, any prior hospitalizations and any prior incarcerations.

If you arrive for your appointment with an active illness, the Montreal Neurofeedback Center trainers reserve the right to refuse the appointment and you may be billed the regular fee for a missed appointment.

Parental Supervision
You are responsible for your child’s behavior while on the premises of the Montreal Neurofeedback Center offices and are expected and required to remain on the immediate premises and in the waiting area during each training session if your child is not a legal adult. Please understand that failure to do so may result in discharge from training. You are expected to remain responsible for parenting your children as needed. Disruptive behaviors may be grounds for discharge from the training regimen.

The Montreal Neurofeedback Center Payment Policies:
The following services are billed separately unless specified as included in a package:
  • Re-evaluations
  • Optional testing – Tova, Brain Map, other Tests/Indexes 
  • Written reports to agencies, professionals and insurance companies 
  • Document reviews such as test reports and/or hospital records 
  • Letters 
  • Billing tasks such as preparing a super bill 
  • Additional consultations beyond those included in a package or re-assessments 
  • Additional services: counseling, hypnotherapy, coaching, peripheral biofeedback, etc.

Book/CD Loan and Equipment Lease/Lease to Buy Terms
It is the policy of this office to require credit card with signature on file for all book, CD loans and equipment leasing. Library Loans are limited to one item checked out at a time with return by one week of check-out. Equipment Leasing is by individual contract with damage/no return deposit required.

The Montreal Neurofeedback Center does not handle insurance benefits directly, and we do not participate in any insurance plans. We will provide receipts and/or other relevant documentation upon request that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please contact your insurance company with any questions you may have regarding your coverage for neurofeedback and other services we offer.

Medicare does not cover any of the services that we provide.

Responsibility for Understanding Policies, Terms and Agreements
During the intake interview all clients are expected and required to take the opportunity to read and understand all office policies, procedures and terms before training or receiving counseling services, including the Notice of Privacy Practices and the clause where you may request a copy of such at any time. Clients are also required to sign a binding agreement that all patient and responsible party information on your account is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge, and that you have read and understood all of the office and payment policies, terms and informed consent agreements of the Montreal Neurofeedback Center.


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The Montreal Neurofeedback Centre

1140 Beaumont Avenue
Town Mont Royal , QC  H3P 3E5neurofeedback center 2015
Tel: (514) 481-7867
Fax: (514) 933-6318
Toll Free: 1 866.331-3431
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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday — 9:00 AM to 6 PM
Saturday — 9:00 AM to 6 PM
Sunday — Closed


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